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Luxury Home, Estate and Equestrian Property Inspections
No two luxury estates or equestrian properties are the same, but they all do have one thing in common. No home is in perfect condition. The last thing luxury realtors want is for a client to move in and generate an immediate list of complaints, especially about little things that could have been caught and repaired before move-in. 

Our Certified Master Inspectors know what to look for in all types of luxury homes, estates and equestrian properties, whether they are:
- new construction, a little older, very old or historic
- farm and ranch/country
- mountain and desert fly-in and equestrian estates
- beach/coastal properties
- wine and vineyard mansions/villas
- retirement/golf communities
- contemporary city living/luxury high-rise condos and penthouses​.

Our Certified Master Inspectors have undergone extensive training and experience, including hands-on residential construction. Many of them own multiple properties ranging from commercial to vacation in multiple states, and they understand the buying/selling process.
  1. Educated
    All of our Certified Master Inspectors have completed professional inspection education. The quality of that education far exceeds in-house education.
  2. All property types
    We inspect every home type in every climate for national and international clients.
  3. Construction Backgrounds
    We know how homes should be built because we've built them.
  4. Experienced
    Certified Master Inspectors have completed a min. of 1,000 fee-paid hours in 3 years before becoming Board-Certified. They adhere to the industry's toughest Code of Ethics.
  5. Affordable
    We have had the same rates since 2008.
  6. Please Ask Questions
    We want you to attend the inspection.
  7. The Best
    Not everyone can become a Certified Master Inspector. When you hire Eagle, you hire the best money can buy.
  8. Vetted
    Every Certified Master Inspector is vetted. They have passed rigorous background checks, and are licensed, bonded and insured.
​Our inspection checklists exceed national standards, not because they have to, but because we insist that they go above and beyond to ensure realtors and their clients have the smoothest closing and move-in process. That also means clients get the most for their money without having to pay for lots of add-ons and extra fees for items that should already be included with your inspection. 

We help you and your clients prepare for inspections with information on our blog. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the inspection - long after you close. Speak with any of our Certified Master Inspectors personally - for free. Ask them any construction and inspection question you and your clients have.

We prepare for the inspection by working with listing agents to ensure all of the utilities are on and that we have proper access and parking instructions.

We're screened, background-checked, licensed, bonded, insured, top-notch professionals, who are personable, on-time, irreplaceable-antique-friendly, celebrity- and pet-experienced, and ready to assist you whether you are:
- a luxury real estate realtor or broker
- a world leader
- a high-ranking member of the military or government
- a celebrity
- a vacation rental buyer
- an architect, attorney or C-level executive
- internationally based, requiring only our inspection report.

We encourage clients and their realtors to attend the last hour of the inspection for a highlights tour, and to ask questions, if desired.

Our same-day inspection reports include captioned photos for context. The reports make a great addition to the new homeowners' welcome packet and referral source for professional estate managers. And remember, we're always here for them and for you - for free - should you have inspection, construction or maintenance questions.

Luxury Homes/Estates Inspection Pricing

Pricing starts at $600 for 4000 sq. ft. properties. Luxury home inspections can take up a minimum of 5 hours. Each property can include different amenities, such as pools, tennis courts, fountains, 3 kitchens, stables and barns, maids' quarters, guest houses, etc. With a property address, we can provide you with an accurate quote. We always honor military and senior discounts.
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